Rumble Network Discovery Pricing

Live Assets Only

Rumble Network Discovery is priced based on the number of Live Assets across all organizations that are part of your account. Live Assets are measured based on the number of unique network-connected assets that responded during the last discovery task. This models ensures that DHCP churn and busy guest networks do not inflate your asset count.

All subscriptions support unlimited agents, sites, organizations, and user accounts. Access to the offline Rumble Scanner is included with all tiers. Security features like single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are included at no additional cost with every tier. Data transparency ensures that asset information can be easily imported into and exported from the platform.

Rumble is multi-tenant by default. Performing an assessment for a customer or separate business unit? Invite their team to create an account that is restricted to just their organization. Need to automate discovery scans in response to events? Use the Rumble Scanner and our comprehensive API to trigger scans from anywhere to anywhere.

Our standard pricing is shown below. Please reach out if you work for a non-profit or educational institute to discuss potential discounts. If you prefer to purchase through a reseller, we have existing relationships with SHI International and Optiv Security.

Standard Pricing

Live Assets Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription Annual Savings
Up to 1,000 $99 $895 $293
Up to 2,500 $225 $2,145 $555
Up to 5,000 $440 $3,995 $1,285
Up to 10,000 $825 $7,495 $2,405
Up to 25,000 $1,995 $17,995 $5,945
Up to 50,000 $3,295 $29,995 $9,545
50,000+ Rumble scales to millions of assets, get in touch for a quote!
The tiers above are for end users. If you would like to use the Rumble platform or the Rumble Scanner in your own product or service offering, or just have a special situation, drop us a line to discuss licensing options.
Ready to purchase? Create an account and subscribe through the License page.

User Reviews

“Rumble is easy to use and deploy. We were up and running with multiple offices within days. It does exactly what we expect it to which is give us insight into what is on our network. We've already used it to identify vulnerable, undocumented services. Search is easy and intuitive. Scans are easy to set up. HD has been great to work with through the contracting, setup, and support process.”
Brian M. (CISO)
“Outstanding. Professional from the start. Does what it says on the tin. Hands-free updates. Complete network, system, and service visibility.”
Bob R. (Chief Data Scientist)
“Our discovery process and Asset tracking is less time consuming and easier to setup. We save a significant amount of time compared to our previous tools for this purpose. Those tools were much more expensive and didn't meet our needs as well as Rumble.”
Aaron F. (President)
“We have used Rumble to assist in network security assessments in a number of organizations. We continue to deploy it in a wide variety of client networks and it has performed flawlessly, helping us properly identify assets and targets that could be attacked.”
Iain P. (Managing Director)
“My favorite feature is screenshots collected from webservers. I have found unexpected webservices running on devices.”
James B. (Security Researcher)
“Rumble augments and validates your system inventory in ways previously not possible with this level of ease. I can quickly look at hosts, OS versions, services, etc and cross-reference with known good inventory to find problems. As an example, I found a printer with an extremely old firmware that had gone un-patched for years.”
Branden W. (Adjunct Professor)
“This product is a no brainer. If you need to scan your environment, this is just better than anything else. It doesnt try to solve other problems (vuln. mgmt for expl) and is easy to use and integrate.”
jean-francois d. (Information Security Investigator)
“Quick and Easy to Implement. The software was able to find assets even with active firewalls. The interface is excellent.”
Daryl G. (Owner)

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