Rumble Network Discovery Pricing

Rumble Network Discovery is priced based on the number of live assets across all organizations that are part of your account. That’s it!

All subscribers can create unlimited user accounts, configure as many organizations as they like, define unlimited sites, and install as many agents as they need. Access to the offline Rumble Scanner is included with all tiers; if you want to keep inventory data out of the cloud, our lowest tier may be a fit.

Pricing based on live assets ensures that things like DHCP churn don’t count against your asset limits. If you provide consulting services and don’t need always-on visibility of each customer, keep in mind that data can be exported and old network scans removed as needed. The more assets you manage, the lower the per-asset price.

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Live Assets Monthly Price Annual Price Annual Savings
Up to 256 $59 $495 $213
Up to 1,000 $99 $895 $293
Up to 5,000 $440 $3,995 $1,285
Up to 10,000 $825 $7,495 $2,405
Up to 25,000 $1,995 $17,995 $5,945
Up to 50,000 $3,295 $29,995 $9,545
Up to 100,000 $5,495 $49,995 $15,945
100,000+ Contact Us Contact Us  

The tiers above are for end users. If you would like to use the Rumble platform or the Rumble Scanner in your own product or service offering, drop us a line to discuss licensing options.