Managing tasks

Discovery scans and other background actions are managed using the Tasks page of the Rumble Console. Standard tasks such as Scan and Import will be shown along with their current progress and summarized results in the Active and Completed task sections.

Scheduled tasks are one-off actions that will be started in the future, while Recurring tasks are actions that re-occur on a regular basis. Recurring scan tasks generate a new standard task on each iteration of their schedule. Both Scheduled and Recurring scans will only launch if their associated explorer is online and no other scan tasks are running.

The Tasks page allows Scheduled and Recurring tasks to be removed and Active tasks to be stopped. Please note that stopping an active Scan task may take a few moments, as the status of the task is not updated until the explorer confirms that the scan was terminated.

Clicking on the Task type or the summary in the information column will present details of that task. For Scan and Import tasks, these details include the parameters used, summary of the Site changes made as a result, and a link to the change report JSON.