First steps

Once your account is set up, you’ll need to take a few first steps to onboard users, organize your data, and get scans started.

Account Configuration

  • Create users: The person who signs up for Rumble service will be given superuser permissions. See the “Managing Your Team” page to learn how to create additional users, set up single sign-on and multi-factor authentication options, and discover the user roles available.

  • Set up organizations and sites: Rumble scans and explorers can be grouped into organizations that contain sites. Sites can have overlapping address space. Create any organizations and sites that you need.

  • Deploy explorers: Explorers are the active scanners that will be used to discover your network. First switch into the organization where you would like to store your results and deploy an explorer. Make sure to review the system requirements and dependencies for web screenshots as you plan where to install the explorer.

  • Create scan tasks: After deploying your explorers, create your first scan task. A discovery scan finds, identifies, and builds an inventory of all the connected devices and assets on your internal network.. The explorer and discovery scope are the most important aspects of configuration, followed by SNMP community information since switch topology can’t be generated without it.