Automating queries

Rumble’s query language allows you to search and filter your asset inventory, based on asset fields and value pairs. Rumble includes a library of prebuilt queries from the Reports area of the console. You can apply these queries after a scan to investigate discovery findings.

In addition to a flexible query language, the syntax allows you to customize queries to track and monitor events across your network, based on any combination of fields. You can save these custom queries to reuse over and over again. Review the query syntax for a refresher on how to build a query.

If there are certain queries you always want to run after a scan, you can turn on the Automatic option. After the query runs, you will be able to view its results in the Queries table.

From the Queries table, any filter that has checkmark in the Automatic column means that it is active. The Matches column is next to it. You can click on the numbered result in the Matches column to view the results of the query. If there were no matches, the filter will show 0.

Turn on automatic search queries

  1. Go to the Reports page.
  2. Click the Queries tab to view the Queries table.
  3. Open or create the query you want to turn on.
  4. Select the Automatic option.
  5. Save the query.

Turn on automatic search query option