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About Rumble Network Discovery

Rumble is a cloud-based network discovery platform that identifies and monitors network-connected IT assets. Rumble uses an agent to gather information from connected networks, a hub service to communicate with agents, an analysis system to process collected data, and a web console to display the analyzed data and allow management of the Rumble agents. Although many networks only require a single agent, multiple agents can be used to perform discovery tasks between isolated segments, or to reduce bandwidth usage.

The primary goal of Rumble is to discover network-connected assets without credentials and without access to captured network traffic. Rumble accomplishes this by sending a plethora of network probes to every address in the discovery range. Rumble can often identify MAC addresses, hostnames, operating system, and hardware details from assets by combining these probes with an extensive fingerprint database. Rumble treats all assets as if they were unmanaged, making it a great choice for networks with mixed credentials, user-owned systems, and smart devices.