About Rumble Inc.

Rumble, Inc. is the maker of Rumble Network Discovery, a simple, fast, and accurate way to create an asset inventory in IT and OT environments. After gaining fast network visibility, Rumble’s customers use the SaaS platform to tag asset owners, identify risks, map network topology, accelerate incident response efforts, find old hardware, and manage IP space.

Rumble’s customers range from family-owned businesses to Fortune 5 companies, with industries as varied as education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and utilities. Rumble is popular with managed service providers who need to scope out and manage their customers' networks.

Rumble has customers in over 20 countries. The company is backed by Decibel Partners, a global venture capital firm backed by Cisco.

Rumble offers a free Starter Edition to small companies and individuals with less than 256 devices that is in use by over 4,000 organizations today.

Rumble is based in sunny Austin, Texas. All Rumblers work remotely in the United States with clusters in the Austin and Boston areas.

Boston skyline - credit: Mathew Murphy
Austin skyline - credit: Mathew Murphy