Employee spotlight: Pearce Barry

, by Judith Woolridge

Meet Pearce Barry, Principal Security Researcher

“All employees are encouraged to be their authentic selves and they are given the freedom to lead by example. Everyone here, regardless of their title or position, is open to new ideas and feedback,” said Pearce Barry. He is motivated by relationships with customers, coworkers, friends, and family.

Barry is the Principal Security Researcher at Rumble Network Discovery. Barry joined the team in June 2021, after working on the Metasploit Project for four years. His network and previous connections introduced him to this role at Rumble. Now, he leads research efforts at Rumble, which includes creating and improving fingerprints, adding to protocols, enhancing scanning logic, writing queries, and authoring blog posts.

Barry’s advice for people looking to be in a security researcher role, “Have a growth mindset, always be learning, be curious, and investigate how things work and how they don’t work as intended. Treat failures as learning opportunities.”

Some challenges that Barry faces at work include fingerprinting assets that don’t offer a lot of information, such as phones which typically offer little information when they get scanned. And also, making sure the scanning code doesn’t interfere with sensitive devices. For example, some Lantronix devices automatically reboot if they are scanned and disrupt their operation. Barry is making sure that Rumble scans these types of devices safely.

Pearce Barry


What’s one thing you want to do in the next year, personally or professionally?

Personally and professionally I want to go to DEF CON. Personally, this will be my fifth year attending. Professionally, we have some really cool stuff coming out in our next major release including many new integrations. This would be great to talk to people about.

What have you always wanted to try, but haven’t been able to?

Rock climbing.

What’s your favorite quote?

“This too shall pass.” My Granny used to say it.

What’s the last book you read?

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly.

What’s your favorite food?

Spicy food.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Coffee! I roast my own beans.

What is your opinion of pineapple on pizza?

I like pineapple on pizza. I know it’s controversial, but whether people like it or not, it’s their opinion.

What is your ideal vacation younger vs now?

Younger person I would enjoy going to amusement parks. Now, my family and I are very fortunate to be able to rent airbnb’s and be able to explore other cities and homes. Also being able to see the sights and having time to recreate is an ideal situation.

How have you grown professionally since you’ve joined Rumble?

Learning about the many different types of technology that our customers have on their networks.

Why Rumble?

Barry was looking for a new opportunity and a change of scenery. This was the reason why he joined Rumble. “This job is one of the few that I have had where it represents my job satisfaction trifecta: the team is amazing to work with, I’m constantly learning new stuff, and I feel like the work I’m doing is very meaningful,” Barry said.

“Making customers happy while finding the opportunities for myself and the team to grow.” Barry said about his definition of success in his role.

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