Employee spotlight: Jess Maffetore

, by Judith Woolridge

Meet Jess Maffetore, Director of Growth Marketing at Rumble Network Discovery

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Not everything will be a slam dunk. If something doesn’t work, accept it and move on–try something else,” said Jess Maffetore, the Director of Growth Marketing at Rumble Network Discovery.

Jess studied Public Relations and Journalism in college and ended up in Retail Management as she was finishing a Masters degree in English. As she was working, she ended up doing some marketing as part of her office responsibilities. She enjoyed the marketing aspects of her role and then decided to move on to a full time marketing position.

Jess joined Rumble in January 2022. Jess’s job is to help create demand for our product in the market by getting in front of our audience and spreading the word about Rumble.

Success in growth marketing looks a little different than in most roles. “With Growth Marketing and Demand Generation, it’s the combination of a million little things. When a prospect says they heard about you on a podcast or webinar, or saw you at an event, when you start to see positive responses on a email campaign or a social post, when the sales team feels like you’ve made their job easier, when your brand starts to get recognized, when a blog post really resonates with your audience–those things start to add up to where you feel like your work has really begun to impact the business,” Jess said.

Jess Maffetore


What’s one thing you want to do in the next year, personally or professionally?

Personally, launch my book! I signed with a publisher last year and my first book debuts in a few months. Professionally, I want to excel in this role and I want to make an impact here. I want to feel as if I made a difference and an impact on the business.

What’s your favorite quote?

“I am the one thing in life I can control.” Lin-Manuel Miranda.

What’s the last show you watched?


What’s your favorite food?


What is your opinion of pineapple on pizza?

Never had it, no intention of trying it!

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Coffee (but only if it’s iced), hot tea in the mornings.

Did you have any COVID-19 goals? Survive working from home while my kids were doing remote school.

What is your ideal vacation younger vs now?

Younger - tropical beach vacation. Now - Major cities around the world to run marathons.

Why Rumble?

Jess joined Rumble after a former colleague recommended working with Chris Kirsch and forwarding her the job posting. “I love that we celebrate each other, thank each other, and respect one another. It shows what a great group of people this is,” Jess said about working here at Rumble.

Rumble empowers employees to shape the company culture. Jess says, “The leadership is really transparent. They are open to having those conversations with all employees. They put company data out there. We have slack channels that everyone is in by default. So everyone is included, not necessarily in the decisions but in the conversation. So everyone has a voice and everyone is encouraged to participate. It makes everyone feel valued.”

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